Question my pc has no display every days one time

May 19, 2022
hello , hope somone know what to do

i have a pc its not a long time i have it but its about 3 weeks i have a problem
first this is my hardware [ mb: asus prime z270-A , Cpu: core i7 6700 , Ram : 16GB ddr4 ig its 3200 , Gpu : Asus Dual GTX 1060 O6G , 600W power green , ssd storge ]
and the problem : every day 1 time my pc start showing blue screens restart and blue screen again and restart so i turn it off and when i turned it on again will show nothing (no display) and on the motherboard there is a light its orange and sometimes peek red
so i should turn the power off (i mean just put out electric cable out) and wait a little and again turn it on and do that 3 times ( puting out cable ) and then the pc will display and start normal


Microsoft provides two tools that may prove helpful.

Reliability History and Event Viewer. Either one or both may be capturing some error codes, warnings, or even information events that occur just before or at the time of the blue screens.

Look in both.

Start with Reliability History - much more user friendly and the timeline format may help discover when the problem actually began.

What entries, if any, do you see?

And please remember that sudden power losses can and do corrupt files of any sort.

Do not just "pull the plug" or otherwise disrupt Windows' normal shutdown process.
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