Question My pc has only one noisy exhaust fan,can i replace it with a new slower and more silent one??


Mar 1, 2018
Hello guys my pc has only one exhaust fan,the temperatures are fine but the problem is that this fan makes too much noise for me so i want to replace it with a new one(arctic f8 silect)but the problem here is that the new fans max rpm are 1200 that means that it is much slower than my current fan(it runs all the time at ~2200rpm),do you think that my pc with the new fan will get hot.
Without knowing specifics....

Unless you case is something very proprietary you should have either a 3 or 4 pin fan. Match the size (or match the case parameter), match the pin available on the mobo.

In this case I would not replace with a low RPM model. I am using Artic fans in my system, I love they way they daisy chain together...they are decent fans, particularly for the price, look good in white, and aren't particularly loud unless it's under a big load. There are quieter fans out there but the cost reflects in many cases.


Oct 11, 2015
Running blind here without specs but if your case fan is full rpm all of the time there is usually a "quiet" setting in bios that will reduce rpm when cooling needs are reduced. Beyond that what you need to pay attention to more than rpm is the cfm rating of the fan. The cubic foot per minute number tells you how much air is actually being moved. Higher RPM in theory should give a little better static pressure, but in a case configuration that is rarely important. In my personal experience I have never had an issue with replacing one fan with another as long as they are the same size. I would put it in and watch thermals for a bit. Fans are reasonably cheap and if it doesn't keep up just add another one or go back to the original. I don't think you are going to have an issue though.