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Question My PC internet drasticaly slows down when Laptop connects

Jul 10, 2020

I have a infuriating issue.. When my Uncle connects his laptop to the internet the speed on my PC slows down to 4-10MB even down to 0.3MB and sometimes becomes unusable. I will get 70MB when the laptop is off. Please note, even when I connect via Ethernet the same problem persists.

I have tried a number of things on my PC including; netsh winsock resetting, /renew IP, /flushdns, safe mode. I even reinstalled Windows and nothing made a difference.
We have a number of devices connected to the router and it's only ever my PC that suffers.
This issue will come and go, some times lasting a couple of weeks to a few days and then it's fine.

My Uncle is extremely stubborn and because it's not affecting him he doesn't care about it and will not do anything to look into it.
The only thing I can think of is that his Laptop is infected and is being used to DDoS.

I just want to know a reason as to why this could be happen so at least I can understand it and make some sense of it.

Thanks for any help.