Question My pc is acting weird and i have no clue whats going on

Nov 27, 2018
My pc was running fine since a week ago I was playing a game on it when when the game crashed and I was back on my desktop and nothing was responding the mouse was responding but it was acting slow and choppy like it was stuttering but after that I tried to reset my pc I saw the ASUS logo like normal then instead of seeing the windows loading I saw checking media presence message. After that I went to bios to see hard dive was still showing but not my SSD I rest the pc again and they where showing like normal my boot drive is my ssd I made it to the desktop where it was working fine for a few minuets then every thing stopped working and it blue screened I trouble shooted my pc but found nothing. I also noticed my pc keeps changing my hardrive to my boot drive and I don't know how to fix it. Since this has stated I have gotten new ram an tried to boot my pc it booted and stayed booted but every thing was slow and stopped responding I did not blue screen for the 20 minuets I had it on before I rest it

My specs

gtx 1080ti
Asus Maximus hero alpha motherboard
16gb of ram
150gb ssd
4tb hard drive
850 watt psu bronze

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