Question My pc is booting up to 3 hours

Feb 16, 2020
When i make some changes to my windows 10 like settings or an update after my pc will boot from 30min up to 3hours same thing goes when i just restart my pc but if i dont do any changes or update and i just shutdown the pc from windows it will boot up normally any help?

My specs:

GPU: RTX 2080ti
CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 3600
SSD (System Drive):SanDisk SSD Plus Sata III
RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB

Mainboard: ASRock B450M STEEL LEGEND AM4


Jan 1, 2015
I'm going to try to rephrase this a bit so I understand what you're saying.
When you make a change to windows or update the software, it takes your computer anywhere between 30 min and 3 hours to load back up into windows after the changes have been made?
When no updates or changes to windows settings are made, it takes between 30min- 3 hours to boot if you restart?
When you restart your pc after making a manual change to windows it takes between 30min-3 hours to boot back into windows?
When you don't make any changes to windows and just power on your PC after turning it off it functions normally?

How full is your SSD?
How fast is your internet?
Is your OS new?

My specs are substantially less than yours, the only time it took a while to load into my WIN 10 is when it was a new install and had to download and update everything. Even then, it only took at most an hour between cycles, and most of them were between 10-15 min usually.
Feb 16, 2020
My pc boots up for 30-3h when i update the system or change the settings but if i dont change my settings or update and i just restart my pc it will load up to 30 min to 3h..

Without changing any settings or updating and just turning off the pc (no restart) it will boot to windows normally 10-20 seconds

My ssd is not full
I got fast iternet
My windows is kind of new i did factory reset it like 2 months ago but i had this problem before that.

My Pc is around 4 mounts old
Feb 16, 2020
You need to clarify as to what settings you’re talking about without telling us about sitting here adjusting we don’t know very much about what the problem could be