Question My PC is crashing, dropping FPS, lagging and causing my screen to flicker ?

Apr 25, 2021

cpu I5-9600k
gpu rx 580 8gb
16 gb ram corsair ripgaw 5 3200 mghz
mobo asus B360m
PSU be quiet 500w
152 gb ssd WD
1tb hhd seagate

recently my computer has been having issues, it bogs down or crashing from time to time. When i turn it on sometimes my screen blinks fuzzy and i use a 55 inch tv for a screen but never has this fuzz blink issue with the 49 inch i replace it with but the rest i did the computer is still good as far as devices my fans work

and after some crashes apon startup the fans run at full speed as if its over heatingmind you my house is like 62 degress at most times if outsize temp was a factor

on some games my fps really start dying war thunder is so bad i feel like im back to my old gforce 730 1gb from years ago it lags and my frame rate goes from around 120 average i play atmedium graphics to 50 at best low and the lag is out of this world just in this game in cod has the same issue i thought it was just a driver issue since they just lonched a new version a few days after this started happening but no

most of my games have lost about 15 FPS in general i used disk clean and i defrag every 2 weeks i save any downloads to the hhd to save disk space deleatedother games i dont play as much

even low end games have bad FPS runescape gets worse fps i thought maybe if i delete the game and reinstall it it might help it did with rs3 but it came back

what is going on ?