Aug 11, 2018
my specs are
Cpu Amd fx 9590
Gpu msi GeForce 1060 6 gb gaming x
Motherboard asrock 970a-g/3.1
Psu evga 700 b 80 plus bronze
Cpu cooler thermaltake water 3.0 240 argb sync tt premium edition
Storage multiple ssds and hdds
Ram 24 gb

My problems.
I built this pc in let’s say 2016
Only played rust, day z, R6, csgo and a handful of other games

It has been amazing to me for a long time. But recently not so much.
It started by r6 stuttering really bad extreme FPS drops and lag
Usually had about 100+ FPS and drops to 1 FPS for about 5 seconds randomly but often.
My cpu will spike to 100% when stuttering.
So bad that I tried new ssd with only steam my drivers and r6 installed, still stuttering. So I moved to playing day z. Ran find for weeks but few days ago it started stuttering, today day z stuttering so bad that I can’t play at all.
What my sensors are telling me- my cpu will drop load amd my gpu will drop load and mghz
To 1 FPS . My cpu runs at 123 degrees f at the most but usually less, my gpu hot spot was getting up to 150f.
I tried using msi app to turn up my fan speed but it turns it self off and locks off after 10 seconds of gpu fans ramping up.
I tried switching my cpu to my old fx 6300 but the FPS in r6 is way to low to even try to play.
I tried replacing thermal paste on both cpus but no luck fixing my prob.

Any input or thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Oh and I’m running windows 10 pro have been for years and u update my drivers when I get update notifications
Also my pc runs fine when on YouTube and stuff
Only problems when I game