Question My pc is kina dying

Jun 17, 2022
My pc for all I know is having a stroke
It keeps freezing for a bit and unresponsive when booting up
The freezing goes more frequently when at load (gaming ,downloading games etc)

My pc
Cpu i5 10400f
Motherboard asrock b560m pro4
Gpu gtx 1650 super zotac twin fan
Ram 3200mhz team create 2x8gb
Psu seasonic 650 s12iii
Os windows 11
240gb wd green m.2 sata
1tb wd blue
1tb wd green
Cpu cooler Id colling se 244 xt
Some cheap case and some fans I found to keep the chipset cooled

Temps are ok
Cpu gpu idle 30c ish
Gpu at load 70-80c
cpu at load 45-60c

This pc was made with all new parts except the "Some fans" and the 1tb wd green

I've done all the basic tricks
Clear cmos , load default bios settings
And restarting the pc
Non worked
I haven't reseted windows yet but I kinda don't want to do that
Redownloading over 700gb of games with unreliable gigabit connection will be a pain in the ass

You could try doing stuff that doesn't cost money first. See if there is a newer bios for the motherboard, reseat the memory and graphics card, check the cables, check the windows files with SFC /Scannow in a command prompt. run chkdsk on the spinners etc