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[SOLVED] My PC is rebooting under load


Sep 28, 2013
My PC has recently started rebooting while gaming/benchmark testing just as if i had pressed the reset button on the case.
I recently installed a MSI B360 mobo, i7 8700, Corsair h60 water cpu cooler and 16gb of Corsair ram, I kept my 1070ti, my 3 storage drives and 650w xfx power supply from the previous build.
In the process of installing all that i cleaned the power supply with compressed air as it was very dusty.

Now i have my computer on i only got about 10 minutes into a game on the new call of duty before my computer rebooted, black screen and reboot, windows error log shows code 6008 and 41.

So I've been using my computer normally while gaming and testing over the past two days and sometimes it crashes as soon as it sees a bit of load from a game, sometimes it takes up to 90 minutes, I've checked everything inside the case about 14,000 times and pulled it all apart and assembled again to make sure and its all okay. nothing shorting and no damage on the motherboard.

I've been using OCCT to 100% load test the CPU and GPU and it just doesnt crash no matter how long i leave it. But when i use the 'power test' option in OCCT it doesnt even last a minute before it crashes, leaving me to think it's a bad power supply, maybe i damaged it blowing it out or mishandling it I don't know.
I'm looking for opinions/advice on what could be wrong or if I'm right in saying it's the power supply?


EDIT- Just ran Furmark for 15 minutes on a high res with 8x anti aliasing and no crash.
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