Question My pc is restarting in a constant loop

Apr 6, 2020
It has been 7 days since i had the problem of my pc randomly restarting but it was not continues
I had post other threads and poeple helped me . Now that i have checked every single thing the ram dimms ,gpu,psu, hard disk,ssd
I am only left with the cpu and the motherboard and i am sure that the problem is motherboard because the cpu temps were fine when my pc was working . When the problem started i used to let the random restart happen and after it happened like 3 or 4 times the pc would start working but today it is restarting in a loop . If u have a solution please tell me or if there is no solution please tell which motherboard to buy and it should be under $80 .
My pc spec
I5 6600k stock
Gtx1070 stock
16 gb ddr4 2133mhz corsair value select
Fsp hydro ge 650w psu 80 plus gold
Asus B150pro gaming motherboard
2tb hdd seagate barracuda
128gb samsung smart ssd.