Question My PC is stuck in a boot loop, beginning to suspect borked hardware

Feb 18, 2020
Hello, so, my randomly, About a week ago, watching YouTube and playing Dwarf Fortress, my PC randomly shut off, and restarted. No "windows is shutting down" thingie, just black screen, fans revving. Then the msi boot screen for a few seconds, repeat, every once in a while it holds, not putting out any signal, just kinda doing nothing, I haven't yet let it run for very long in that state, because it looks line bad juju, to me. It allows me into the bios, but not into safe mode. A CMOS reset didn't seem to do anything, nor does attempting to force it to load from a windows boot USB, or flashing the BIOS, I'm beginning to think that something is broken, either the cpu or the motherboard, both of which are new, since my older hardware works perfectly fine with all my other components ,which is..... Frustrating to say the least

CPU: Ryzen 3900X (running the cooler that came with it, wealth spite, or whatever, the one with rgb)
MOBO: MSI X570-A pro
GPU: EVGA 2070 black gaming 8GB
RAM: 16GB 2800Mhz (4x4GB) corsair vengeance black
PSU: an 750watt 80+ titanium seasonic dealio that I can't remember the name of for the life of me
Boot drive: 960GB patriot Torch LE
Storage: Samsung 1TB QVO

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
I agree that it seems like something has broken. It can be hard to determine what it might be because your kind of guessing. In my mind, the best guessing is organized guessing.

  1. For safety, unplug or switch off the power supply before doing anything.
  2. I would start by removing the sata plugs from the motherboard and then try to start the computer. You should get a message about "no boot media".
  3. Next, I would remove any peripheral cards, extra fans, etc ... Retest.
  4. Next, I would remove all the memory except for 1 stick ... Retest. Replace the stick of memory with another one ... Retest.
  5. Finally, I would pull the GPU. You won't see anything on the monitor, so you will have determine if it is still repeatedly restarting by indicator LEDs on the motherboard or the behavior of the CPU fan.
If it is still repeatedly restarting, then the issue is with what's left ... Motherboard, CPU, or PSU.