Question My PC is Stuttering Audio Visual

Oct 8, 2018
Im experiencing a Video/audio stutter. Like its a very minor audio stutter that lasts less than half a second and it happens in and out of games. In game it stutters the screen. My mouse courser will be on one side of the screen and if the stutter happens when i move it it will end up on the other side of the screen instantly. Also in some games with cut scenes it will stagger the audio with the scene to where it doesn't match up. It does it when playing music as well and its happening several times a minute.
So far its happening in every game I play, and on every video i watch on the internet. It happens offline as well as online.

Been doing a little researching here and there but everything I've tried hasn't worked....

Heres what ive done that I can recall:
  • I've reinstalled my audio drivers a couple of times
  • updated graphics drivers
  • disabled the windows DVR
  • disabled audio enhancements
  • Swapped SATA cables and ports
  • Re seated my RAM
  • Cleaned out my system with compressed air
  • Tried 3 different Headsets.
  • I went as far to purchase a brand new dedicated sound card and it still does it.
After that last one i assumed the issue was NOT audio related, and being caused by something else, with the audio/ visual stutter being a side effect. So Installed a FRESH install of Windows 10 on a separate Hard drive, connected to a different SATA port and it does it too.

The only "lead" I really have is, when the first time I swapped my SATA cables around, the stutter went away for the rest of that night. But the next day, when i came home from work, the stutter was back. After this I got brand new SATAs and replaced my old ones. But the stutter was still there... I wiggled them around a bit today to see if anything happened but no luck....

Im starting to contemplate warrantying out my Motherboard but really would like to avoid that head aching waiting process.

I ve been dealing with this for weeks and have posted in various places and never seem to get any replies.
Every topic i find on google is in game related but seeing as its happening out of games too, so idk how relatable the issue is to these topics. But so far nothing in these threads have worked.

My hardware is:
  • ASRock Z370 Pro4 Motherboard
  • Intel Core i5-8600
  • 16GB of Ballistix Sport LT RAM
  • ASUS Dual GeForce GTX 1070
  • OS is running on WD Blue 1TB 7200rpm HD (windows 10)
  • Secondary OS is on a Samsung 850 250GB SSD (windows 10)