My Pc is very decent yet I still get bad frame rates in a lot of my games

Mar 15, 2018
My Specs are:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x OC to 4.1 GHZ
GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 6gb
PSU: EVGA 650w Gold Certified (G1 I think)
Motherboard: B350 Krait Gaming (This one
500 GB ssd
2, 8 gb sticks of Hyperx Ram , they should be able to run at 3300 at a base but they were set to 2400 mhz for some reason so I put them to 3200, not sure if i should go further
I have A LOT of extra space in my case because i bought a very big case it is Phanteks but I am not sure which one because i cant find it on the interne t, I bought it at a local pc store.
as for cpu cooling I have the Deepcool Captain 240 ex cooling my CPU and I have some pretty good fans so cooling should not be a problem.

I've monitered the temps during gameplay and nothing was high enough to be considered a problem

When I was playing assasins creed odyssey and I was getting terrible framerates, my pc should be able to run that game on high at least and with 60fps but i cant even achive that with medium and low graphics. Its the same situation with another game that I play called War of Rights, I pass the reccomended requirements by a good bit but I still get really bad frames in the game, I have friends who get better frame rates than I do with older specs. What could be wrong with it?