[SOLVED] my PC is weird, need to get shocked before it boot.

Jun 23, 2020

I have this weird problem, i left my PC case open because sometimes it wont boot,
Either Hard Drive are not detected or having RED DRAM LED (P8P67 pro),

in order to fix that i need to touch the case (sometimes wont fix)
or the motherboard metal part and get shocked, after that the computer automatically powered off then powered up back again.

or plug out RAM stick one by one (there must be one of the stick/socket that made it wont boot),
then i put it back again after i rub it a little bit

it's not as easy as its sound because i have to repeat the step until its working.

now after recent Electric Outage one of my SATA port wont work ("Select proper boot device error"),
its supposed to work back again if i use to boot on linux then wait until it hang (then force powered off, then somehow my HD is detected again),
but now my USB Live stick is unavailable, i havent make sure if i could still make my HD works again, been plugged in and out with no avail.

The question is, what is wrong with my PC ?, is it the case ? i think it has something to do with static electricity

please help, how do i discharge every static electric which are trapped on my pc ?, what i did is i i do cut an unused cable then bind it to the motherboard and plug it on the wall with a nails. (because i think it will redirect every static electric on the case/motherboard to the walls/earth)
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"The question is, what is wrong with my PC ?, is it the case ? i "

If you are getting a shock from the case....the case isn't grounded.
The case should be grounded.
As to why it isn't...the main things are...it could be the outlet...it could be the power cord...or it could be the PSU.