Question My pc just randomly shut down today, it just stopped and when i try to turn it on, the GPU light flickers and it makes a crackling noise. Help?

Nov 15, 2021
It just stopped while i was playing valorant. I wondered what happened and i assumed it was a power outage. I checked everything, the power was good, never turned off. This problem never occurred before so its the first time that this happens. When i tried to turn it on, even when using a different power outlet, only the small rgb on the GPU flickers and the PSU makes a crackling noise. After ab 2-3secs of crackling it just stops. I think that there is some power left in the psu because when i turn it off with the manual switch, it still manages to run the crackling rgb thing. It even runs once when i unplug the power. I dont know where the problem is, or how I should address it. Im using a 600w power supply by njoy and a gtx1660super with an intel i5 9400f. 16gb RAM and i want to know if this will harm my components.
Thanks in advance,
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