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Question My pc keeps bricking/crashing whenever I'm playing certain games.

Jul 15, 2020
At certain times, playing demanding games like GTA5, Rainbow Six Siege, and the like [relative to Dota, League, etc] my PC screen freezes, I can hear the audio for a while, either from the game or discord call, then a few minutes later the only way I can get past it is by restarting the pc.

I honestly don't know when it started, but I have a hunch it's my graphics card giving up on me, since its only a GTX650, and it's already quite old and used. I just wanted a second opinion if ever it might be another problem, since I'm getting upgraded parts as well.

So normally, if I'm playing relaxed games, or just using the computer for work, it lasts a long while, no issues what so ever. But during sessions with more demanding games, around a few hours, sometimes maybe an hour or less it bricks the pc. This happens inconsistently though, sometimes I can have an entire day without interruptions, other days every so often it crashes no matter how many restarts I do. Game freezes along with the screen, everything is still powered up, no weird noises. Can't alt tab, alt f4, or anything at all. I can still hear people and the game in the background, til eventually I have to reopen the game.

I put the PC under benchmark tests, the temperatures and electricity seems normal, CPU was pretty good still, being relatively new. GPU held up fine in the stress test though it was struggling with low frames.

PC freezes after running demanding games, my hunch is it's somehow the videocard giving out from being old and beaten up. But I wanted a second opinion to give insights if there might be other issues.

Windows 10
ASUSTeK Prime B250M-A
Intel i5-74000 3.00GHz (4 CPUs)
16gb Ram
Geforce GTX 650