[SOLVED] My PC keeps crashing to blue screen of death, and windows media tool doesnt work

Dec 7, 2021
Hi all, recently my PC has been behaving quite oddly. At first, it started with my PC simply just crashing explorer.exe a lot, I'd have to restart my computer because the explorer kept hanging. Recently though it's been behaving more oddly, it requires a disk checkup on boot and then, blue screens of death with the error code MEMORY\_MANAGEMENT. the PC doesn't operate fast either, programs hang and freeze, I can't install anything, and everything takes 10x slower to boot INCLUDING my PC.

I assumed I just need to reset windows so I installed the media creation tool to a USB and tried to boot from there, but it hangs on there too! it gets eternally stuck on the "Setup is starting" screen, and the repair windows hang too, so I assume it might be a hardware issue?

I have 2 drives, 1 SSD which has the main Windows partitions, and 1 HDD with two default partitions

Please help, I need this PC for my University work, and I also really need the files on my SSD.