Question My PC keeps restarting TRIED EVERYTHING. Kernel 41


Sep 20, 2014
So I was having issues with my pc. It has been built for a few weeks before this issue happened. ive tried changing out my pc parts and still happening
My pc is randomly restarting. With my cpu overclocked or gpu overclocked. It will run on a full system stress test for any amount of time. The crashes are random. My pc is not overheating. Running cpu at 65 c and gpu at

Ryzen 3600
Evga 1060 3GB SC
2x8gb Corsair lpx 3000mhz
Gigabyte aorus b450i itx
Sabrent rocket 512gb
Silverstone st45s 450w bronze sfx psu

Things I’ve tried:

Reseated memory and m.2 drive many times, tried one stick of memo

Brand new SSD

Swapped ram to new identical sticks

Swapped motherboard to new identical motherboard

New PSU (previous PSU was EVGA 500 80+ white)

Reinstalled windows multiple times. Even tried an old hard drive, same crashes

Reinstalled many different drivers, tried
uninstalling all audio drivers and running pc with zero audio drivers and the crash happened. (There’s an issue with hyperx cloud 2 apparently crashing windows 1903 however I had them with this OS for months)

Underclocked my GPU AND CPU. CPU running on 1v rather than the typical 1.2-1.3v

I haven’t tried to replace my CPU. I’m not able to return it via amazon however I will buy a new one if someone can say the cpu can be the issue

I’m NOT getting blue screens. The PC will just freeze for 1 second, then hard restart. This will happen so randomly. The only thing showing in event viewer is a kernel power 41 error. The only
Other notable thing showing is a distributedCOM warning for two things however googling about that shows it’s not critical.

i need serious help here. This issue is so random and nearly impossible to troubleshoot. I’ve used a program like whocrashed and there is absolutely no Bsods

can this be a psu issue? Should I purchase a kill-a-watt device to test it? I don’t see it being a psu error when my 500w, albeit low quality was also giving the same issue. Also running overclocked memory, cpu and gpu will run on a stress test perfect fine
Dec 6, 2019
Have you tried running your computer out of the case? Maybe your case's power switch is bad or your case is shorting out your pc somewhere.

Is your mobo overclocking your ram? Have you tried running it at lower speeds?

Have you run you computer with nothing but ssd plugged in? Disconnecting all extra case fans, extra storage, lights ect.

You probably have but, have you tried using a different power strip? Plugging directly into the wall? Different outlet in your house?

Have you tried a different CPU cooler? Maybe something funky going on with its wiring.

Your issue sounds definitely like it's an electrical issue somewhere. Maybe see if you can borrow a higher wattage psu from a buddy and test that too.
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