Question My PC keeps restarting when I play games.

GTX 10000

Jun 27, 2016
Ryzen 3 2200g
Gtx 1050 ti
Corsair 2400 mhz Ram 8 gb
1 ssd wd
1 hdd Toshiba

So the problem is when I start a game I started seeing random restarts not at a particular time or moment it can happen after 5 hours it can happen after 1 minute. I initially suspected my GPU so I did a cleaning of all my components and blew away all the dirt there was. It seemed to run fine for a few days then the problem started again.

I ran some tests with temperature and every thing is well under the limit. Memtest came out fine as well. But when I ran furmark it failed and PC restarted every time. But then I remembered it ran fine when I cleaned the pc. So i just unplugged my 24 pin and resit reseat it to see if that changes anything sure as hell everything is fine again.

Then I remembered the problem started happening when I plugged in the new ssd. SO my question is that is it my psu or graphics card? I have a lot of kernel power errors exactly at the time of restarts. It never restarts during normal task or even rendering. But after the 24 pin resit every furmark test passed with flying colors. Very confused.
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