My PC lags/stutters after like 2 minutes of not moving/touching mouse or keyboard


Jan 31, 2017
Hey there guys, i'm new, so if i'm doing something wrong or i left something out in the specs let me know!

So basically what the title says. If i don't touch anything for some minutes it gets slow, when i move something or touch anything it runs normally again. Sometimes, after moving something (mouse or keyboard) it TDRs and tells me that the GPU drivers have stopped working and started again. I checked the temps and in fact my GPU (GTX 560) its around 40 to 60 when browsing and 70 to 90 when gaming (i live in Venezuela which is a hot country and i only have one more extra fan cuz you know, economy and stuff) BUT when i leave it idle with SpeedFan open or Afterburner i noticed that the temps go to 90 with nothing, not even Chrome runnin, and go back down to 60 when i move the mouse or touch the keyboard.

Other thing is, that sometimes it doesn't happen at all, sometimes i leave it idle and it just works normally, it doesn't slow down or anything, but i haven't checked the temps when that happens. I remember that sometimes, after i've been playing a game for a while with the PS3 controllers connected and then exit after a while playing and then i leave it idle, the PC doesn't slow down, but this rarely happens.

My PC:
I3 3240 3.40
Nvidia GTX 560 1GB
OS Windows 10 64bits



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