Question My pc loads bios but wont load into windows after falling over during moving to new apartment

Dec 9, 2019
After moving my PC in a car and it fell over it does not come further than the loading screen off Windows.

I have tried:
  • booting up solely on my SSD and not with my HDD.
  • removing Nvidia drivers
  • removing and placing back GPU
  • starting in low-resolution mode
  • starting the PC with a different GPU and same result
The weird thing is, after removing and placing back the GPU, windows does boot up completely. Then after like a minute windows seems to suddenly shut off. Same happened for both GPU's.

Moreover, the PC does function normally in safe mode.

At first the CPU was overclocked but is set to normal now. The temperatures seemed a bit high (50degrees celsius), but with the different settings went back to 30.

I am clueless what the issue could be with my PC, any help appreciated! :)