Question my pc loses signal to moniter and my motherboard's ez debug cpu led shines red

Dec 16, 2022
monitor loses signal from pc and the ez debug cpu led shines red and i have to flip the PSU power switch to turn pc off after the crash.
I have been running into this issue for a whole year with mainly games that puts heavy load on the pc (warzone, RDR2,etc.... )
it started with my pc suddenly freezing while play COD Warzone. after i turned it off and on this problem started occurring. I don't really remember overclocking any of my components back then. but right now my cpu and gpu are running at 45c under heavy load ( I'm using R5 3400g apu so the gpu and cpu temps are the same , temp low due to underclocking the cpu to 1.2v with using the fan at 100% force always ) done every single test for the cpu , gpu , ram(except memtest86) and all turned out fine literally not a single crash happened. i even bought a new psu. now pc crashes in less then 15 mins in COD MWII ( it's random ) but it doesn't crash in games like LOL. it crashes IF I'm in a crash streak ( pc crashes a lot in heavy load games that if i play a normal game straight afterwards it crashes too )
thing to note is : I think one of my rams is faulty
I had 2 hyper x rams but one of them died for reason to i changed it via warranty
but it was older then the other ram ( 3 months difference ) and got a tforce one instead
now my pc motherboard ez debug led SOMETIMES lights up on the CPU nonstop after the crash and my mb rgb led turns white and pc doesn't post
and i have to take off the ram and put it back again multiple times so it could post again
but here is the flop. when i tried the tforce ram ( the new one ) alone it posted at first try
when i tried the hyperX one ( the old one ) alone it didn't post at all
i have to put the tforce ram alone in a ram slot then boot up the pc then turn it off and then take off the tforce ram and plug it in a another ram slot and then plug the hyperx ram in the the ram slot that the tforce ram was plugged to when i booted up the pc successfully.
so is it really a ram issue or a motherboard issue ? or something else

sorry for my bad English btw

my rig :
CPU : Ryzen 5 3400g no oc
GPU : AMD RX Vega 11 integrated GPU
Ram : HyperX Fury 8gb 3200mhz 16cl , Tforce Dark Z 8gb 3200mhz 16cl
Motherboard : MSI B450 Tomahawk Max II
hdd : Westren Digital 640 gb 7200 rpm , x 2
PSU : coolermaster elite 600 230v - V4
Dec 16, 2022
this is a continuation to my previous post
now i used both rams ALONE and the pc still crashed with both
now i can confirm it's not a ram issue. but i don't know the reason of this issue
my issue is : once i put underload on ram it will randomly cause pc to crash with no signal to the monitor and ez debug cpu led will light up red and i can't turn the pc off unless i use the PSU power switch to turn it off then on again.
i didn't overclock at all. and my cpu isn't overheated ( 32c idle , 50c underload ) neither the gpu cause it's intergrated :"
i changed my psu and the issue still persists
done every stability test for my gpu and cpu and all turned out well
is it a motherboard issue ?
i can only ship the broken part in my pc to the manufacturer (warranty) once so i need to ship the right part

my rig :
CPU : Ryzen 5 3400g (apu)
GPU : RX Vega 11 Intergrated
RAM : HyperX Fury 8gb 3200mhz 16cl , Tforce DarkZ 8gb 3200mhz 16cl
HDD : Western Digital 640 gb 7200rpm. X 2
PSU : coolermaster elite 600 230v - V4