Question My PC makes a very high pitched noise and freezes


Feb 21, 2016
Okay, so this is sort of an update on my previous post where I basically said that my PC makes a constant high pitched whining noise that doesn't change under load and is present when idle. After investigating I came to the conclusion that it came from the PSU and figured it was just coil whine and decided to live with it. However, today while I was browsing YouTube my PC became extremely laggy with the mouse moving at 1 frame per second basically and the sound became glitched until it completely froze. After a restart, everything seems to be working normally but I'm starting to think that this wasn't a coincidence and is related to the high pitched noise. All temps are fine under load and the RAM is working normally so do you guys think there's something wrong with the PSU? Here are the specs:
CPU - Intel Core i7 10700k
Cooler - Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
Mobo - MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Carbon WIFI
RAM - Crucial Ballistix RGB 32 GB (4X8) 3200 CL16
GPU - ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 3080 OC
SSD - Corsair MP600 1TB
HDD - Toshiba X300 4TB
PSU - EVGA Supernova G1+ 850W Gold
Case - Be Quiet! Silent Base 801