Question My PC makes the Windows device disconnect sound under high intensity tasks ?

Jul 26, 2021
I have clean reinstalled my drivers and windows. This has been going on for about 3 months now, when I play a game, the higher the intensity the more frequent the noise plays. My ssd recently was dying so I also reinstalled everything clean onto a new disk and only use the old one as a boot (I don't know if that has any relevancy). I am running a

asus tuf x570 wifi plus
3900x oc
2080 super
2 samsung evo ssd
32gb 3200 ram
750w psu.

My temps never go above 55 for my cpu and 69 for my gpu. I hired CutTweaks on twitter about a year ago to speed up my pc and he changed my ram timings, I don't know if resetting my bios fixed it back to default and whether that could be an issue. When the noise plays there is a brief bit of stutter in my games. Any and all help is appreciated, I assume it is a gpu thing but I don't really know, again thanks for any support!