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Question My PC needs to "warm up" (after boot or standby) for it to not crash under heavy load

Jul 7, 2020
I've been using a Acer Predator G3-710 desktop for about five years now and suffering from a continuing crashing issue the last couple months or so. To explain the title a little further: Whenever I try to play a (perhaps CPU intensive) game (and run Steam, Discord and usually the streamer software OBS) shortly after booting up or returning from a standby, the computer freezes, looses the monitor and evidently the keyboard's response for the most part (caps lock lights hardly turn off and on at will anymore), forcing me to shut down the PC. There's also crashes where my computer automatically restarts. However, after the computer somehow "warmed up", I can play for as much as I want apparently.

The individual components such as CPU, GPU, RAM, the SSD and HDD I have don't report any problems from their tests. Except the CPU reaches temperatures up to a 100 degree Celsius (212 F) which is caused by the CPU fan not "activating" until a few minutes of prolonged heat. I know, sounds like a problem of its own and I don't exactly remember it being this way five years ago.
I've tried getting rid of dust inside the case, undervolting (against overheating) and manual fan settings (although they only work once the CPU fan "activates").
So I suspect the possible causes for the crashes being either overheating or a PSU problem since the symptoms and the fact a CPU stress test doesn't crash the computer but the entire PC under heavy load does.

Intel i7 6700
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Windows 10