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Question My PC overheats?

Feb 4, 2020
When I play games(almost every game I play, as most of them are the newer AAA titles that are very hefty loads) my pc overheats and will shut down on me.

GPU - Sapphire Radeon Nitro+ RX 590
CPU - intel i7-9700k
motherboard - msi MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS
corsair hydro series h60 liquid cooling as well as the standard two 120mm fans in my case

any ideas why? do i need a newer/stronger PSU? anything helps!

I did recently buy a new case as well, the corsair ICUE 465x ATX smart-case which comes with three 120mm fans as well as space to add more fans or radiators.
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A new psu will not help temps. A better psu is always a good idea when starting out with a low end unit.

2 fans isn't helping much in the way of airflow, but that's an easy fix.

Most of your issue is more than likely due to the cpu cooler. The I7-9700k can hit well over 150w stock and a 5.0GHz OC can hit 200w. You have a 140w cooler. Seriously inadequate for the job when it comes to high level, cpu intensive AAA gaming.

Should be looking at coolers in the 200w (ish) or better range.
That is a very nice looking case.
What is your cpu temperature at idle?
It should be 10-15c. over ambient if the H60 is mounted well.

Really though, a 9700K needs a better cooler if you are to get top performance out of it.
I am not a fan of small aio coolers like the H60.
My preference would be a good air cooler like the noctua NH-D15. It now comes in black.
To do any better, you would need a 360 size aio cooler which will be expensive and have it's own mounting issues.
Adding a 120mm rear exhaust fan will help direct the airflow past the cooler and motherboard.
No more is needed.