Question My PC peripherals keep disconnecting while PC is still on ?

Oct 11, 2021
My PC peripherals keep disconnecting while PC is still on. I've tried everything and don't know what's wrong, anyone dealt with this before ?

System specs:
Ryzen 5 3600X
MSI B450M Bazooka Max Motherboard with wifi and bluetooth
Deep Cool 600W Power Supply
4 Fans & 2 LED Strips

Peripherals that are disconnecting:
BENQ XL2731 27" 144Hz Monitor
Logitech G Pro X wired headset
SteeleSeries Apex 7 RGB Keyboard
Razer Death Adder V2 Wired Gaming Mouse
Havit RGB MousePad is wired in and has lights surrounding it but does not disconnect (lights are still on) like all other peripherals

While trying to play games like Valorant or Tarkov my PC peripherals (mouse, keyboard, monitor, and headset) will lose connection and power and stop functioning. The only option is to hard reset the PC, and it can sometimes take multiple attempts to get things running again, sometimes the PC will start crashing from startup after this issue happens. It will also say that windows did not load correctly and get me to try and restart the PC, which causes the same issue and just goes in a loop. The PC is still on from what I can tell, RGB still on, fans still running, graphics card still working, etc.

So far I have tried:
  • full factory reset
  • fresh install of windows 10
  • updated all drivers
  • downloaded and installed the latest bios update
  • even increased ram speeds from 2300 to 3200 by turning on AMPX in the bios menu on startup
I don't have the money to start buying spare parts to attempt to swap them out one by one and see what's wrong, and I have no idea what could be causing this problem as it is my first time ever having a PC and I just got it about a week ago. I also did a CPU stress test using CineBench and both single-thread and multi-thread caused the same crash to happen.
Oct 11, 2021
I had all kinds of problems with the razer software. Try uninstalling it if you have it installed. See if anything changes. Also go in to event viewer, summary of administrative events, and see if you have any critical error reports listed. Post them if you do please.

checked event viewer and in the summary of critical events I have had 35 critical events over the past 7 days

  • Event ID 41: Kernel-Power (19 times)
  • Event ID 10110: DriverFrameworks-UserMode (8 times)
  • Event ID 10111: DriverFrameworks-UserMode (8 times)
Nov 17, 2021
Hey, i've started having the exact same problem few weeks ago, and still got no luck in resolving it, searched all around the net, but nothing helped, you got any updates?
Jul 8, 2022
Have you tried upgrading your power supply? It sounds like everything is trying to pull power all at once and some peripherals are not receiving enough power so they shut off.

This calculator says you are using the bare min wattage for just the items in your computer and if you are gaming, I'm sure your graphics card is pulling a ton of power.

I'd try troubleshooting with at least an 800w power supply and return it if it doesn't fix your issue.

Let me know if this helps.