Question My PC peripherals keep restarting internally while gaming ?

Jun 18, 2022
Hi, I have recently got myself a fairly high-end PC and I am facing a really unique issue sometimes, It's a little complicated to explain but I will try.

All my peripherals (Bluetooth mouse/keyboard, wifi) suddenly disconnect or more like restart quickly while the system is still running and can continue as normal. Happens mostly while gaming. Since the mouse and keyboard are on Bluetooth, it takes a bit to connect again, same with the wifi. I can see that all my fan's RGB also flicker at the same time as if it was a quick restart internally. Please note nothing happens with the running programs, monitor or anything, it's still running. If I restart the system, the problem doesn't occur for some time.

This is really sad as I don't even know how to search for the issue. Any help will be highly appreciated. :(