Question My PC plagued with the most peculiar freeze/Crash the world ever seen hands down


Jan 15, 2016
Hello Tom's Hardware community members

Hope this finds you well,

I need your urgent help, this issue made me very sad, confused and frustrated, I have a strange type of PC issue that I guess no one the world has ever faced but me, I never faced anything like that in my entire life as a PC user for more than 15+ years, I tried to search every possible (even remote) solution in every forum/blog/website/channel in the entire internet, but nothing seems to work, so it's my first time to ever publish PC problem in a forum ever, here is my final hope to find a solution knowing that members are mostly tech-savvy and would be able to provide the proper guidance to tackle (and hopefully resolve) this issue once and for all .

First my computer specs as follow:

CPU: Intel i5-4590
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 1070
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB/1333 MHZ
MB: Asus B85 M-E
PSU: Seasonic 620 W S12 II BRONZE
OS: Windows 10 Pro X64 Ver 1809

My PC is mainly for work and data entry (programs like office, excel etc) and browsing Internet , no heavy games (rarely gaming very simple games), no montage, no photo or video editing (rarely editing photos for work purposes), no OC at all of any components, no modification, electricity stable and the heat is good even under stress of working for long time (nothing that demanding or hog the resources i suppose).

Here is the problem:

2 years ago, particularly Oct 2019, I started to notice that suddenly during my internet browse via Google chrome browser, that all pages stop loading as it's disconnected (despite the PC clearly show the internet is connected just fine), my connection is wired not wireless, I am the only person in this network, I connect directly to the router without any (hubs/switches/splitters etc) and then my pc freeze, stop responding at all, only the cursor move but it turned to circle, it doesn't take any commands from either mouth or keyboard, and if I tried to restart or shutdown PC, it goes to restart or shutdown screen it still there forever and ever, until I do HARD REBOOT by pressing the power button for 10+ seconds straight (as the restart button isn't responsive at this point).

The main issue here is that there is no error or warning or BSOD so I can track down the error code to know what's going on or how to fix it, even the reliability history report and event viewer doesn't register any helpful information that could help me to detect and fix this issue or find the main culprit behind this problem.

Here is some of the fixes I tried but all of them didn't work out for me:

1- I cleaned Google Chrome cache/history/cookies even the sync between accounts. Updated to latest version, then tried to use it without the synced account just as guest, then just as incognito, and finally I totally uninstalled and reinstalled Google Chrome, then I totally switched to different set of browsers altogether (Firefox, Edge, Opera) but the problem persists.

2- I thought changing the router maybe behind all this, so I tried to change and tweak it's options, then I changed the whole internet cable, and made sure there is no defects or cuts in this wire, removed any hubs/switches/splitters, I became the only user on the whole network and switched off the WIFI entirely, but the problem persists.

3-I thought changing the LAN card maybe the problem, so I changed it entirely with external one and stopped the built-in, but the problem persists.

4- I made a thoroughly and deep scan for me entire system with lots of security suits scan available in the market ( Bitdefender, Kaspersky, malwarebyte, ESET) and lots of different sets of programs against adware, malware, ransomware, viruses, trojans (even scan from windows, safe mode, rescue cd), the PC comes clean every time because it's only office machine that I never connect any external device to it neither download anything from the internet, the problem persists.

5- I ran bunch of CMD commands to check the file integrity of the version (sfc/scannow, dism, netsh winsock reset to flush the dns … etc.) but all of those ensured that my version is original and files are intake with any serious problems whatsoever.

6- Installed a fresh clean windows and updated it to the latest version available compatible with my PC specs and updated all drivers to the latest version as well (once from windows update center and other time by 3rd party dedicated programs) both didn't work, then I have to revert to latest stable version I was using before all this happened and downloaded last stable driver update version I knew was working fine with no issues, I downloaded just few essential programs for my work ( browsers, total security suite, office suite, photo browser and pdf reader) and stopped updates entirely by the system, no games, no games stores, not no discord or whatnot, no montage or video or photo programs, no oc, just the absolute basics, the this didn't work either.

7- I run an extensive and thoroughly check through recuse cds (i.e Hiren's Boot latest version), I tested SMART the HDD for bad sectors and health, MEMTEST for RAMS, Stress test with furmark for CPU and GPU under pressure, and ran those tests for hours, but the results are normal, no bad sectors, RAMS no errors, Stress test is stable, power consumption is normal, heat is average, but all this doesn't resolve the problem either.

8- I sent my rig to famous, big and reputable IT solution center specialized in PC maintenance in my home town, to try to run tests and detect& fix this issue, they make a thoroughly cleaning, test all rails for the power supply (3.3v, 5v, 12v etc), made sure all power input and output is stable all across the board, no defect capacitors or coils or chips or any other electronic components, no bent processor pins, fans working flawlessly, GPU is working as it should be, change the thermal paste for both CPU and GPU, changed all the cables, tried other PSU, other RAMS, other HDD, removed any devices internal or external not usable or necessary, but the problem remained the same.

I am so sorry for this long post, I am very sad, confused and frustrated, it really had a deep impact on my work and productivity, I don't know what else to do but to make an exorcism for this PC, I ran on low budget currently that won't enable me to purchase any replacements or new rig, this freeze drive me crazy, it happens randomly when least I expect them, sometime just 5 minutes after firing my machine other days it may wait for so many hours before mess everything for me, It happened first to me exactly two years ago, and after doing some random experiments it just gone away suddenly as it appeared, but now they came again in the same time of the year just after it tried to install Cloudflare warp which I totally removed from my system after I got this nightmare back again, I get back to the last stable restore point that saved me couple of days then the freezing came back again to hit harder than before, the machine might not last an hour or two before this happen and I need to restart it over and over and over again the while day long, I searched every possible solution in the tech and non-tech websites and forums from all over the world in all languages, and tried every possible solution even if's remote and non-related as I am hopeless and desperate, hope someone can help me or point me towards the right direction and I will be forever grateful and thankful for him for the rest of my life.

Thank you so much.

Have a nice day.


Jun 9, 2021
While unlikely to be relevant to your case, your OS version is very old. Any reason to keep it that way?

The last time my computer did that very same thing, it's a hard disk drive failure. Replacing the HDD solved that.

It happened first to me exactly two years ago, and after doing some random experiments it just gone away suddenly as it appeared, but now they came again in the same time of the year just after it tried to install Cloudflare warp which I totally removed from my system after I got this nightmare back again,
Who is "it"? Who's installing softwares for you?

Get yourself an Ubuntu image, boot live DVD or USB, play around a bit, and see if your computer still freezes. If not, it's probably something wrong with your hard disk drive or your OS installation.