Question My PC randomly crashes

May 7, 2020
So i switched from my RX 580 XFX to an RX 580 Nitro+ and it was fine at first like the card goes only to like 65 degrees which is really good and I didnt play so much games that were hard on the gpu like csgo and lol. When i bought it i was running the heaven benchmark and it went fine. Now when i open heaven it works, the gpu will to to 62 degrees, power usage is 95w and the screen first flickers once or twice and then just goes or black or like some dark green and I have to restart the pc for it to start up. I then opened world of tanks just to see the new update like i didnt play that game and i left it idle in the garage for 5 minutes and when i came back the screen was black like ????????????. I though that it was a psu problem but i dont have another psu to work with so i just lowered the voltage limit to -30% and it is like working in heaven for 3 min and again crashes. I then thought that i was overheating and put the fans to 100% and still again the same thing. Then i watched some yt video where some guy had like a water cooled system and his AIO was on some motherboard capacitors but I dont have anything blocking it and it is an open case so it has allot of airflow. So after that i went in the bios and saw that my 2400 mhz ram is working at 2133mhz and I just changed that to XMP and put it to 2400 and when i saved and restarted like the pc just went crazy. First it starts booting but i dont hear my hard drive ramping up and im like ???? then it just shuts down and repeats that for 2-3 times and then it boots to 2133 mhz ram. I did the gpu stress test in furmark for 30 min it was 64 max temp and 62 average. I did the cpu stress test where it was 73 degrees and did the ram test for errors i dont remember the name of the program someting 96 or 64 and it went for 45 min without errors. I really do not know what the problem is here like i reseated the gpu and all the cables. I really do not know what is the problem here so this is my last stand

Forgot to say
Cpu Ryzen 3 1200 AF
Motherboard B450 S2H
Gpu RX 580 Nitro+
PSU LC power 600w ( i know that it is bad i will change it for gold certified modular)
Ram 4gbx2 Apacer panter 2400mhz

Forgot to say again
I reinstalled the drivers for the gpu clean install
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