Question My PC randomly freezes and unresponsive

Feb 5, 2021
Hi, around 8 months ago I built my PC and everything went well but after a while. I noticed that my PC sometimes randomly and weirdly freezes with no clues as to what causes it. I took two videos and a photo of 3 of the freezes that happened separately and uploaded them here :


So far I have tried:
Windows memory diagnostics
Tried turning off XMB
Tried formatting my pc twice
Tried cleaning registry

My build :
Ryzen 5 3600
Gigabyte b450m
Gigabyte rx 580
Corsair vengeance pro 16GB ( 8gb 2x)
Kingston A2000 500 gb ssd

I would like to upload a benchmark but I dont have access to the pc right now.

Please help me figure out what causes the issue.

PS : please excuse my poor English.