Question My PC rarely boots successfully ?


Nov 29, 2019
Cpu: 2700x
RAM: 16GB 3200Mhz (x2 8Gbs)
GPU: 5700XT
2 Hardrives
1 SSD (window)

Long story short: my computer most of the time is stuck on a black screen for couple minutes before getting stuck in the ROG logo for eternity (every fan beside the gpu spins.) It sometimes forces me into safe mode or asks me to select a boot drive.
It rarely boots successfully.

I have updated my mb bios to the newest to support the ryzen 5000 series as I'm getting a new CPU. However, I overclocked my 2700x to 4.1 GHz with auto core voltage. I ran a cinebench test and saw the core voltage jumped up to 1.475 V, and the temp jumps to 85 C. The multiplier drops to x5 when the stress test is around 8 mins. I rebooted my pc and try to undervolt by 0.1 V. to keep the CPU cooler. It ran into trouble since then. I tried resetting CMOS by removing the battery and/or jumper the 2 pins. My computer still booted into a black screen. I tried swapping my rams around but still didn't solve. After rinse and repeat, I managed to get into the bios and changed everything to auto hoping it will fix. Still no luck. I ran a couple of programs to check my SDD boot drive, they say my SSD's health is good. I updated all the drivers like GPU; the symptom remains the same. I tried choosing SSD as a first priority boot drive and many other methods.

Did I break my 2700x causing my computer to rarely boot properly? I'm here to get you guys' opinions.