My PC reboots after shutdown



I am running Win 2000 and my PC shutsdown OK, but then powers straight back up. If I press the power button to switch it off, it just powers on again!! Any help would be much appreciated. My full spec (in case you think something could be waking my PC up) is:

Athlon 1.33GHz
Gigabyte GA-7DX
ATI Radeon 64MB ViVo
3COM 10/100 PCI Network adaptor
Diamond SupraExpress PCI Internal modem
SoundBlaster Live Value PCI
Plextor CD-RW
Pioneer DVD-ROM
USB Intellimouse
PS/2 Keyboard

Thank you,
James Harrison


If you haven't already tried, check your BIOS to see if it has WAKE-ON-LAN, WAKE-ON-MODEM RING enabled and disable them. Also, see if Windows 2000 has ACPI features enabled.
Go to Control Panel>Power Options and you should see a TAB FOR ACPI-check again for wake on lan and modem. Also, BIOS'es have a SOFT OFF feature which enables the power button on your ATX case to function as a stand-by button, not a power off button. Check the BIOS again in the Power Management section for the soft off and make sure the power button is set to POWER OFF the PC, not to put it on stand-by.

Both Windows 2000 and 98 has many power saving/management issues it seems. Both my Win2000Pro system which is only a Pentium (ASUS TX-97X) and my parents' Win98 system which is a Celeron (ASUS CUV4X) have problems with sleep/standby mode. In my system, the hard drives and monitor sleep but from time to time the hard drives (I have two) wake up; in my parents system, the hard drive NEVER goes to sleep on its own, we have to manuall click Start>shut down>standby.
MS Technet has a posted article which I will go back to regarding my HDD's waking up from time to time and going "back to sleep" again-as if they are dreaming!
I must mention the above examples so you know that your problem may not be unique as Windows power management still works very poorly.

By the way, if you have not already done so, check MICROSOFT TECHNET website for your problem. Go to and do AN ADVANCED SEARCH with keywords like "shutdown" or "reboot" and in the "SCOPE OPTIONS", make sure you select only Windows 2000 Pro/Server.

Good Luck.



Dec 31, 2007
you should consider yourself sooooo lucky!

many people have trouble getting their computers to start in the first place!
and here u are complaining that it wont stop *grins*
if all else fails, there should be this little white switch on the wall next to where the power plug goes in. Flick it and all your problems will go away!


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