Question My pc restart while playing game Kernel-power Error 41 (63),GPU 100%

Nov 15, 2022
My pc randomly restart after playing game (GPU reach 90-100%)

I tested it on Dota2 , Overwatch2 and Fifa 22. I sent my pc to the stores that buit my pc 5 times but my pc still restart. I dont think it's the tempurature issue because when it restart my GPU temp is 50-60c. I tried lower my settings (low setting) and its not restart, sometime it took 5-20 minutes to restart and sometime I tested all day and it restart at 7pm. I have tested playing game with no background software running. I use widescreen display so I played some game in window mode, so i tried switch it to full screen but my PC still restart.
I am using UPS 600w but it still restart no matter I use it or not.
I think the problem occured when high voltage uses and my power supply can't handle it, I use widescreen display so it require more pixel to render and more pixel mean more power required(?) because when I sent my pc to check the issue they dont have widescreen to test but only have 2k display and its working just fine.

I tried every method found on the internet and nothing seems to work, only new PSU is the one i haven't try.
I tried reinstall windows and the problem still occured.
I bought 2 new fans and install it myself (be quite fan 120mm 1450rpm) i dont think its the issue but i dont know.

I dont think it's BSOD because if it's blue screen it should make a weird noise before restart and pc should be frozen for a while but mine is just restart.
Event error : event ID 41 (63) , keyword (70368744177664),(2)

My spec:
intel I-511400F
Mainboard: Asrock z590m pro4
SSD: seagate Q5 1TB
RAM: kingston 16GB KF432c1 bus 3200
GPU: GALAX RTX3070 1-click
PSU: Thermaltake smart BX1 750w 80+ bronze

LENOVO MONITOR G34w-10 (VA 2K 144Hz Curved)
<I capped FPS at 120 and high setting in every game>

The store tells me that it could be a motherboard or PSU issue and I'm not sure about it.
Should I buy a new PSU and pray that it would fix the problem?