Question My PC restarts randomly when i launch a game or open a software like photoshop

Nov 18, 2020
Like the title said, i have the same issue for months now, so when i start a game it takes like 5-10mn and my PC restarts first my screen truns black and then like 1mn after it my Pc restarts same if i use a software like Photoshop.
I've tried a stress test software FurMark the second i pressed start i got the same problem i tried many things like:
  • Changed the thermal paste
  • Cleaned my Pc
  • Changed my cpu cooler
  • Got a new Gpu
  • I tested a new motherboard
  • Used my TV i thought maybe my monitor was dying
  • My friend gave me his psu to test it
  • All drivers are updated and i have the latest win10 update
And I'm running out of ideas my specs are :
  • Cpu i5 4440
  • Motherboard asus Z87K
  • Ram 8gb corsair
  • GPU Rx570 8gb Sapphire nitro+
  • Psu 525 watt thermaltake