Question My PC runs Rainbow 6 seige at very low FPS even tough i have the recomended specs

Jun 10, 2019
I have a Intel core i5-3470 processor and a gigabyte radeon rx 470 graphics card and 12gb ram but still only get average 43 fps with drops to 15 when there is a explosion or a player on screen.I am using 3rd party software's such as timer resolution and inteligent standby list cleaner i am playing on the lowest possible settings.I ask you to please give me any suggestions or ideas to fix this problem
What resolution are you playing at?

Also, I see you have 12GB. Is that 3 sticks of 4GB, or an 8GB + a 4GB?

Either way, that suggests to me that your system is running in single-channel mode, which hurts performance.

Though, I believe my son gets only in the low-50s on that game, he has an i5-6400 and a Radeon RX 580, but he is running at 2560x1080 resolution.