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Question My PC shutdown with whirring sound while playing a video

Oct 29, 2019
Yesterday night I worked in my Excel while playing a video. I used dual monitors with one Nividia VGA card. Then suddenly whirring sound started and PC shutdown. After few minutes I turn on my PC. All are running smoothly. But screen not display in monitors. But PC running.

Then I made following repairs.

1. I disconnected all cables and companents and reinstall them properly. Including CPU, Ram, VGA Card, Motherboard.

Then I connected my PC into power then my PC was working. But doesn't screen appeared in monitors.

2. Then I checked my monitors with other PC, they work perfectly.

3. I removed my VGA card and connect monitor directly into onboard graphic card. Then my PC working but screen doesn't appear in monitors.

4. I frustrated after few hours then I reconnected my PC power cable and monitor cable into on-board VGA graphic my PC was starting to work and screen appeared in monitors (miracle moment)

5. After I connected my dedicated VGA card to my PC then it working perfectly. Screen appeared in monitors.

6. After I shutdown my PC then turn on the PC. PC starting but within few seconds it turned off. I noticed that power supply fan is running slowly. But I can't ensure this.

I followed above the procedures. But now PC Working but screen doesn't appeared in monitors

Please help me regard this issues

PC Configuration
  • Intel i5 processor (1st Generation)
  • Foxconn H55MXV motherboard
  • 4 GB DDR3 ram (2 modules)
  • ATX 200-240 V Power supply
  • Nividia GeForce 1 GB VGA card
(Old version)
Oct 29, 2019
Test the PSU, and the GPU in other PC, if you can. Otherwise ask someone for help like the local PC shop or you friend to borrow the parts to test.
You are correct! I tested my GPU with other PC it work perfectly. But PSU work slowly I think PSU become weak. Due to this power for board and peripherals not enough. Anyway thanks for your reply