Question My PC stays switched on only for 2 seconds. Is my mobo dead?


Apr 26, 2009
I have a peculiar situation, that's why posting a new thread.
I have been using AMD PHENOM II X6 1075T with Asus M4A78 mobo.
I bought an used i5 4460S with Gigabyte GA B85M D3H.
The System ran fine at the computer shop I purchased.But it's not switching on in home. It just runs for a single second and switches off.
I have tried all the techniques in the sticky thread too. The PSU is fine, I checked with another PSU, another cable (power, VGA). Tried with different RAMs in different Positions.
This morning I took it to the shop and again it ran fine over there., so couldn't even say them what's the problem. please am stuck.
I also have GTX 650 Ti, but ran all the tests without it too but in vain.

Now the processor+mobo doesn't boot in the shop too.
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If the computer works fine at the shop and not at home then I would suspect a electrical problem at home.

Have you tried the computer on other outlets/circuits in your home or at other locations?

Are you using any extension cords or circuit/power bars at home? If so, bypass them to determine if power is restored.

Then add back one by one - if power fails again then the last cord, etc. added is the problem.

Key is to narrow down the circumstances and determine some difference between home and "shop".