My pc suddenly not booting

Mar 1, 2019
I just buy today a new aio cooler , after putting it in and complete the installment and connecting everthing in right place , my video card is not working so i try to wait a 2 mins but still not working so i try to move the 8pin connector while its on then all of the sudden my pc shut down , and not booting at all..

Then i try to reinstall everything , every cord but it's still not working.

I try even removing videocard and power it on again but still not booting.

I try to remove the cmos and clean it with eraser but still not working.

I try the other power supply but it's still not working but the mobo lights is blinking in a sec but still not booting.

I try to remove one ram stick but still not working.

I dont know what happen can someone please help me to know what the problem.

All my pc part's are working properly until that time , but suddenly it happen.

My power supply is just a month's old and its 750w gold rated psu.

Please help me i need help to know the problem and fix it.

I think it's from mobo but im not that sure... Thanks to those who is going to help me...

Pc Specs
Cpu : Amd A8 9600 1year and 1month old
Mobo : Gigabyte A320 sh2 1year and 1month old
Ram : Hyper X Fury 16gb 2x8 2400mhz 2months old
Psu : 750w gold rated Fps
Cpu Cooling : Gammaxx L240 AIO today i know its my mobo dont support rgb but the fans and pump is working properly.
Gpu : Gigagbyte Rx 570 4gb
Fans : 4 rgb fans power with molex


Mar 10, 2019
Given what you've tried, so far, try re-installing your old CPU cooler using all of the original mounting hardware.

If it works, you've probably got a short being caused by the bracketing or some other aspect of the new cooler.