Question My pc turns off when house voltage drops down.

Apr 1, 2019
So yeah My Pc which is connected to Ups turns off when the house voltage goes down.
I tried without ups, still same problem.
I tried new ups still same problem.
When the power completely goes the UPS works and supplies power to my PC.
I took my ups to service center and they said it's in good condition.I am on windows 10 and non activated.
This is really frustrating. Where do you guys think the problem could be? How to solve? Is there any option on bios that tells pc to turn off when voltage goes down?

Amd ryzen 1600
Gtx 1070 windforce oc edition
Asus prime A320m-k
8gb @1064MHz
1tb Hdd
Iball marathon 500w psu
Windows 10 not activated

Thanks in advance.


Looking your specs, you're using iBall PSU... That PSU is crap quality unit. Here, i'd replace the PSU ASAP! before it blows up, fries your entire PC and at worst, catches fire as well.

For your PC, any good quality PSU in 500W range will do fine. Here, i suggest getting any Seasonic unit, e.g: M12II-520 EVO, Focus 550, Focus+ 550 or PRIME Ultra 550 Gold,

Warranty wise:
M12II EVO: 5 years
Focus: 7 years
Focus+: 10 years
PRIME: 12 years (includes all PRIME models: regular, Fanless, AirTouch, SnowSilent, Ultra)

All my 3 PCs: Skylake, Haswell and AMD are also powered by Seasonic. Full specs with pics in my sig.

Either buy a new PSU or buy a fire extinguisher, that's how bad your current PSU is.
Also, it can very well be that your iBall firecracker is the sole reason why your UPS can't keep your PC running during brownouts.

Keep in mind that you can cheap out on every other component inside the PC except PSU. Since PSU powers everything, it is the most important component inside the PC. Also, while the PSU warranty covers the PSU itself and you can RMA the blown PSU, the PSU warranty doesn't cover any other component the PSU fried.

Most people learn the hard way not to cheap out on a PSU when crap quality PSU blows and takes part of the system or the whole system with it. Even entire houses have been burned down because of the fire crap quality PSU caused when it blowed up.

Like it or not, if you want your PC to work for years to come without any risk of fire and/or damage to your components, you need to hand out some money for good quality PSU. I'm not talking that you need to go with the best PSU money can buy, e.g Seasonic PRIME 650 (80+ Titanium), which costs $150+ (and which also powers my Skylake build). Seasonic Focus i linked above costs $75 and is more than enough for your PC, both wattage and build quality wise.

However, if you keep using your "budget" PSU, please, do record a video when your iBall PSU blows up, since i like to see some good fireworks. Just like seen in here,
youtube 1:

youtube 2:

If you still think your iBall PSU is best for your PC, i'll be waiting a video from you with good fireworks.