Question My pc turns off when playing games


Sep 7, 2019
So I have big problem. I dont know whats causing this but I sure know its not temps
Im not huge gamer so I only play sometimes when Im bored csgo or gta 5 or pubg and pubg lite with friends
Everything was fine when I bought new gpu rx 480 8gb sapphire nitro and after a 2 months I decided to install new system because I couldnt update windows. Now I have installed gta 5 and pubg lite. When I play pubg lite on high or low its same problem, when I go in smoke or bomb explodes near me... its like effects, i have tried limiting frames and power save but same result.
Sometimes only gpu turns off and then display and after that whole pc and cant turn on after that (only when i restart psu behind) Sometimes can happen that my pc turns on normally but mouse and keyboard wont. I opened psu cleaned it put back in and same again, havent tested it on another psu.

I think it may be dying psu, i dont know...

PC specs (if you need):
Ryzen 3 2200G
8gb ddr4 2400
240gb ssd and 320gb hdd
RX 480 Sapphire Nitro 8gb
PSU is some MS-500 rated 500W no 80+
Also some thing to mention if needed my ssd is when idle 52-53 celsius
Is it because of windows version causing problem
Everything is up to date