Question My pc turns on for a split second then off right after.

Jul 9, 2022
After hours of troubleshooting and testing I have finally decided to ask for help online myself. Please excuse me for the bad English as it is not my first language.

I have had my custom built pc for around 3 years and until had no real problems with it until recently. In the past two weeks or so my pc has had problems with booting up after being shut down. After being shut down the CPU and case fans start up for a split second (GPU fans do not move) , then turn off directly along with a clicking noise from the PSU signaling when the power is shut off from the pc. (videos linked below)

At first I thought there was a short in the system as my pc would sometimes not boot unless I did a through clean of dust using pressurized air, however the part that confuses me the most is that my pc seems to start working again after being left alone for a whole day as if nothing was wrong the day prior.

This problem first occurred when I ran a very intensive game for a few hours, causing my CPU and GPU to average 58 - 60 degrees Celsius while gaming which is under the maximum heat for both components. After shutting down my pc it would not boot for a few hours until I unplugged and plugged the PSU cable back in a few times. I did this because every time I press the power button and it turns on for a split second then off it is unable to turn on again unless the power cable is plugged back in. Over the span of a week the time I needed to wait for my pc to work went from a few hours to a whole night to a whole day.

I have tried to troubleshoot this problem by looking for shorts, checking that every cable is properly plugged in, trying to boot with only one ram stick, cleaning the pc thoroughly of dust, trying out every ram slot with both my sticks of ram, and replacing the cmos battery. The thing that confuses me the most though is why my pc would work again after being left alone for a while. I'm not very knowledgeable with computers so I have no idea if it needs to charge overnight or something but otherwise this makes no sense to me.

Here is a small list of symptoms and things I found.

\- pc turns on for split second then turns off immediately.
\- power supply makes a clicking noise when pc turns off
\- when the pc turns on for a split second my motherboard shows that the VGA, RAM, and BOOT is not working however the CPU is using red lights on the mobo.
\- When pc does work it sometimes makes a weird buzzing noise from PCU (video linked below)
\- After waiting a day or so the PC has the same problem where it turns on then off however if I plug the PSU cable out and back in then it turns on normally.
\- sometimes the pc makes a weird clicking noise while it is turned on however this happens at random and thus I cant record it.

If you have any further questions or suggestions about what I did or should do then please leave them in the comments or feel free to tell me if you think that I missed something in my troubleshooting. If I don't find a fix I will be buying a new psu or motherboard to check if that fixes it.

Thank you for reading!


CPU: ryzen 7 2700X
GPU: amd radeon 5600XT
RAM: Corsair vengeance ddr4 2x16 3200
MOBO: msi x470 gaming plus max
PSU: Cooler master mwe 550 gold
CASE: nzxt h510
SSD: seasonic 256 gb
HDS: some random old hard drive I had lying around. 750 gb

( \- PSU buzzing
( \- pc turning on and off (not that sometimes it lasts a tiny but longer where the cpu lights are visible.)
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