Question My PC Will No Longer Boot


Feb 17, 2016
Before I begin, my specs are as follows...
Maximus Hero VIII
Asus Gtx 1060 6Gb
4x4Gb DDR4
500Gb SSD
Corsair CS650 M

About a week ago, I powered on my PC as usual and got an alert in the BIOS that the motherboard had detected a power surge from an unstable power supply. I was slightly concerned, but I had just ordered a new, higher quality power supply the day before. I continued through the BIOS and noticed no problems. Everything was running smoothly, zero issues. For the next few days, I continued to use the PC as normal and everything worked as normal. Although I kept getting the alert saying the motherboard detected the surge, every other time I turned the computer on. When the new power supply arrived I installed it immediately, but the problem remained. I tried different surge protectors and outlets, but nothing fixed the problem. I did start to notice some weird things happening though. My motherboard displays error codes. After a boot with the surge warning, the error code shows "A0". After a boot with no warning, the error code shows "40". The computer also became slow to turn on, as if there was a delay on the power button. I also noticed that when I turned the computer off and plugged it some of the fan lights and the error code stayed on, something that the computer had never done before. I just assumed that a capacitor was holding charge, but turns out I was wrong. I woke up this morning to turn the computer on and it got stuck on error code "62". Error code 62 is "Installation of PCH runtime services". I did some quick research and most people said that this meant something was wrong with my PCIe port or graphics card. I unplugged my system and removed the graphics card and immediately all the lights turned off. It seemed like the graphics card was creating a circuit that it shouldn't have been. I booted without the graphics card and everything booted correctly, although I couldn't get any picture. So now I'm stuck. Do I have a bad graphics card? Or a bad PCI port? I have no way to test the graphics card. The other PCI slot on the motherboard is broken.
Thank you for reading.
My first thought is that you might have a bad gpu.

This could also be the cause of the MB power errors.

I suspect the GPU over the slot as GPUs seem to fail at a much greater rate than slots.

Although, how do you know the other PCI slot is broken?