Question My pc wont boot after changing the cpu cooler orientation

Oct 15, 2019
Hi, I have a custom build and I had a problem with my cpu cooler orientation so I decided to just rotate it, I unscrewed it and then when the four screws were off the back plate fell off, I just repositioned and screw the cooler again, then I decided to move some cables so I unplugged and plugged the cpu and the big motherboard cable (I didnt touch the ram). Then I tried to boot my pc but it the monitor didnt get any signal, I knew something was wrong since I have some led lights in the pc, they were configured purple but when I tried to boot the pc they turned on withe white.

I tried disconnecting all the cables again and putting them back where they were before including the cooler but it didnt work and the same happened. I also tried connecting the hdmi cable to the port in my motherboard but it didnt work either. Finally I tried disconecting everything and putting it back together but it didn't work either.

So what I know is that the led lights work but they turn withe white which is not the color they were configured, the fan spins, and my motherboards lights up too (it has a led light).

what can I do? did I break my cpu or something?

my specs are:

cpu : ryzen 2200g

mother board: gigabyte b450m ds3h

psu : corsair mx 550

gpu: rx 580 8gb

ram: (2x) t-force vulcan ddr4 2933mhz 4gb

storage: 120gb ssd kingstone, 2tb segate hdd 7200rpm

case: nzxt h500i


pls help :c

sorry for my broken english.

maybe in the photos it's not very clear but there is a yellow light down left in the motherboard, so I know the motherboard it's getting power