Question My PC won't boot from ANY windows bootable drives

Jul 31, 2020
Hey there, earlier this month, I formatted my hard drives, installed an updated version of Windows 10 and then tried to dual boot Kali Linux by installing it in an entirely different hard drive but when } was done, the pc wouldn't boot from the hard drive with windows in it (all windows files were still there), ever since, the pc has been able to boot from a number of linux distros and get them installed. I tried to fiddle with/reset my bios and wipe my hard drive numerous times, but whenever I try to boot from a Windows USB stick, the pc displays a message claiming it's not bootable. I've tried creating bootable USBs with rufus, unetbootin, the built-in ubuntu bootable drive maker, even my fxcking phone. I've tried making bootable USBs with Windows 7, 8, 10, EVEN XP, but my PC just REFUSES to boot from anything that isn't GNU/Linux.


Win 10 Master
What motherboard is it? does it have boot override? that would force pc to boot from USB and not use grub

It doesn't make sense that if you reset bios, it won't boot off anything other than linux. It still must relate to the boot loader somehow.

Under Linux Live CD, e.g. SystemRescueCD you can do it using efibootmgr: