Question My pc won't boot unless I clear the cmos (Aorus b450 elite)

Jul 15, 2022
Hello everyone.

I bought my pc 1 year ago, and it's been working perfectly until a few weeks ago when it started having problems. When I press the switch the fans spin but the monitor doesn't recive any signal, the rbg don't turn on either and the cpu light stays on red. Later I found out that once I clear the cmos the pc works just fine, but I have to do this everytime and when I'm in a hurry and I can get it to boot It's just frustrating. If anyone could share any possible solutions I will appreciate it.

This are my specs:

Aorus b450 elite (first revision)
Ryzen 3 2200g
Hyper X 2x4gb 2666
Redragon RGPS - 500w
After resetting CMOS are you re-enabling any overclocking in BIOS? That includes even enabling memory XMP.

If you've ever attempted overclocking with Ryzenmaster you might completely uninstall it to see if that helps.

I've also noticed Radeon Settings loads Ryzenmaster service which can make changes to BIOS settings. About all you could do is reset the overclocking settings in Radeon Settings to see if that helps. It's possible to disable the Ryzenmaster service using the Radeon Software Slimmer tool.