Question My PC won't boot using all 4 slots of ram

Feb 8, 2023
Hello, this is my first post so I hope I got the category right, it made sense to me at least.

So I have an Aorus b450 Pro and I used to have 16 gb ram installed (2 x 8gb) and everything worked just fine. I needed an upgrade so I bought another 2 x 8 Gb and tried to install them.

I installed one just to test and my pc booted and worked just fine. But when I installed the second one it didn't boot, it made a lot of noise constantly but nothing happened, and the power button didn't even work.

I thought the last ram I installed was defective so I tried my old setup and added the one I thought was not working. But my pc worked again. Then I tried changing every ram into other slots but nothing worked, it cannot run using 4 slots, only 3 or less.

Already tried removing battery from motherboard with 4 slots being used but nothing changed. I don't know what to do and I would be really grateful if someone could help :(

Other specs that could be useful:
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
  • Old rams are 2666 mHz and 3000 mhz. New ones 3200mhz.


Since you have two different sets of RAM with different specs, you may need to go into BIOS Setup and change several RAM use specifications to operate according to the SLOWER set of RAM you had before. Given that the system now really only can operate with your old RAM, do this in that configuration and try to ensure your settings are fixed so they will not be changed by some automatic RAM tuning feature when the extra RAM is added.
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