Question My pc won't boot

Apr 3, 2019
A few months ago my pc stopped booting and I couldn't figure out why. I assumed I had burnt out the cpu as it was an older one that wasn't able to keep up with the intense renders and processing I was putting it through often running at 100%. I was looking to upgrade my system anyway, but after upgrading the motherboard, cpu, ram and psu (keeping my gpu as I had replaced it already recently and my hdd's and ssd as they should still work fine and have all my data on them) it still won't boot. When I flick the psu switch on at the back a led on the mobo does a quick flash (I assume means it has power). However, when I push the on button on the front of the case the psu does a single tick noise and then nothing happens (which is what happened with the old components aswell when it initially stopped working). If I push the on button again the psu doesnt even do the single tick noise.