Question My pc wont open

Jul 25, 2019
I didn't use my pc for 2days but when i came to open it again it wont work. no power and no lights i tried checking for unplug wires but i see nothing and tried changing the power adapter still didn't open. (sorry for my bad english.)


  • Average PSU brands (Not deadly but I would avoid them)
  • NZXT
  • Enermax
  • Cougar
  • Bitfenix
Good PSU brands (These psu brands have decent-great PSUs, but also have a few outliers)
  • EVGA--------->You can even list this under the "Arguably the best brands" category.
  • Corsair
  • Antec
  • Cooler master
  • Be quiet!
  • Fractal Design
  • SilverStone
  • FSP.
Arguably the best brands, but that's a slight exaggeration..
  • Seasonic
  • XFX
  • Superflower
This, is a bit too simplified. You really can't blanket statement any of those brands.

All of them, INCLUDING Seasonic and Super Flower, have models that are, somewhat lacking, in some way or another, making them more like mediocre than "best". Nobody really makes ONLY good/great models.

Even Flextronics, that used to (Or still does, not sure, Jon could answer that better than I) make the AXi 1200w model for Corsair, has some products for the enterprise sector (Server power supplies) that are probably not as good as some others out there, and then some platforms that are probably without equal.

Seasonic's newer S12III, outsourced. Outdated group regulated topology. I wouldn't recommend them.

Super Flower has had some fairly crappy platforms to go along with some very good ones too.

NZXT, Enermax, Cougar and Bit Fenix all have models that I would not hesitate to put into any system, but also a lot of models that I would pass on, quickly. So your "list" while well intentioned, lacks model specifics and makes it an almost dangerously generalized assumption of good vs bad.
Brands have to cater to different markets.

Nearly all companies that make high-end units also make lower-end units.

For example, Corsair makes the amazing AXi titanium units, but Corsair also made the VS orange.
The VS orange is literally "burn your house down" quality.


Well, I don't know about "burn your house down", although anything is possible, but they were certainly known to fail early when paired with gaming hardware AND for myself, I know of AT LEAST two or three motherboards that were destroyed by using them. Of course, I know of several motherboards that were killed off by green label CX 600w units too.

Regardless of the specifics, bad is bad. Not recommended means just that. For the rest, certainly there are considerations for the use case and platform as well, but also as you know it's incredibly important to be comparing models, not brands, when looking for a quality unit.
I came up with this comparison when I was board yesterday. It isn't very accurate, but i do think there is some logic in this comparison.

VS Orange = Nothing modern by Corsair thankfully.
VS Grey = CX Green (for one the VS and CXG have the same protection features according to Corsair)
TX Bronze = CX Grey