Question My phone and other devices in my house get the full wifi speed, but this pc doesnt.

Apr 10, 2021
My pc gets around 30 mbps on wifi. All the other devices on the same 5ghz band get 110 mbps . I have even taken the test on my phone in the same position as my pc to see if the position is the problem, but the speed on my phone is still 110 mbps. I am using the TP link archer t2u and have all my drivers completely updated, does anyone have any idea as to why its so much slower?
Those tiny usb sticks tend to perform poorly. First many are lower power to save battery which only matters to a laptop or pad device. This many times will cut your speed because the router can not hear your device well. Also these tiny device have very small antenna and if you place them in a slot on the back of a desktop machine the metal in the case and the computer will block a huge amount of your signal.

You could try it on a USB extension cable and see if it works better.